Mobilizing Culture for Structural Development

The "A Soul for Europe" Initiative liaises between those bearing political responsibility at national and European level and cultural networks in Europe in order to utilize their European added value for strategies to improve structural development and regional policy.


The project offers concrete implementation models for the action sought for by the European Parliament through its Resolution of 2 April 2009 “Culture as a means for regional development”.


Workshops are organised in different cities in Europe within the MCRD project to gain a new understanding of regional and urban development which acknowledges its cultural dimension. These events mobilize representatives of the EU institutions, national government and local authorities, as well as experts and civil society representatives from different European countries to identify means to build on this cultural dimension for the sake of the cities and regions. They share practical knowledge on how to use cultural resources, laying emphasis on the potential of contemporary culture and civil society initiatives to effectively impact on democratization processes, conflict prevention, economic development, education, community development, and social development. Such meetings took place in Sofia (April 2009), Prague (May 2009) and Cluj (October 2009).


Previously, various initiatives in Central and South-Eastern Europe contributed to identify examples and develop arguments based on their work that contemporary practices in the field of culture can play an important role in regional development during meetings that took place in Ruse (2006), Pécs (2007), Berlin (2006/2008/2010).