Forum Lyon 2014

Forum Lyon 2014 was held at Goethe Institut Lyon and Centre Culturel Communal Charlie Chaplin in Vaux-en-Velins on 18 May 2014.


The Forum Lyon aimed at promoting dialogue between civil society actors and policy makers in order to invent and explore together new forms of collaboration that are necessary for the development of our cities, regions and the European integration process. Relations between Culture and Politics was the topic we dealt with during Forum Lyon 2014, particularly the key-role of a vivid culture for considering with confidence the future of cities, metropolises and therefore of Europe.


We believe these cooperations have to be based on the active participation of citizens in order to be in line with the aspirations of society and to encourage cross-disciplinary approaches between the different spheres of activity (culture, social policy, research, education, business sector, etc.). They will take into account the cultural dimension as an essential factor to shape a positive collective vision necessary for the development of society.