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Dear friends and colleagues,


With best wishes for 2012, we would like to inform you about the upcoming activities of "A Soul for Europe", which all focus on the theme of responsible citizens for Europe.


We look forward to working together with actors from various fields across Europe!




(2) Upcoming "A Soul for Europe" Events/Activities  

  • Berlin Conference 2012 in November
    We invite you all to join us for debates and discussions in November 2012! We will soon communicate the date of the event.
    This year's Berlin Conference will focus on important issues for the future of Europe and the sustainability of European integration. This sustainability is guaranteed through Europe's cultural core, but it also needs new conditions for the quality of life of its inhabitants, including the recognition of growing dangers of climate change and imminent antidemocratic tendencies in some European countries. We invite our partner cities to become partners of this project.
    For information on previous Berlin Conferences, visit our website.


  • European Year of Citizens 2013
    "A Soul for Europe" had very fruitful meetings with several rapporteurs of the European Parliament on the Commission's proposal for the European Year of Citizens 2013. We are very glad to announce that the committees' reports take the cultural component of citizenship into account and underline its importance for Union citizenship. "A Soul for Europe" will be closely following the further legislative process.


  • Petition: Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 – "A Soul for Europe" Sees Culture as a Relevant Factor for Development
    "A Soul for Europe" is following current developments in the European Commission's new Structural Funds proposal for 2014-2020 with concern as this proposal lacks culture as an important element for fostering development. A related statement can be found on our website. The petition, started by our Polish partners from the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) and supported by "A Soul for Europe", calls for more culture in the EU's cohesion policy and can be signed here.




(3) Recent Events

  •  Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011 – 26 November 2011
    The third Forum Belgrade aimed to improve the position of civil society in Belgrade and Serbia within the framework of the European integration process and transformation of Serbian society. It fostered dialogue between all relevant parties including local, regional, and national policymakers as well as the business sector in line with the aims of "A Soul for Europe". This dialogue also mobilised young people and fostered their interest in participatory public life.

    Organised into three discussion panels, the topics at Forum Belgrade 2011 were:
    1. European Capital of Culture – 2020 and Beyond
    2. The Arm's Length Principle / The Role of Citizens
    3. Culture and Business – New Horizons
    "Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011" is a civil society initiative organised by various European, regional, and national organisations that support "A Soul for Europe" and disseminate its results.

    You can find the "Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011" recommendations here.

    Organising partners:
    Initiative "A Soul for Europe",
    Cultural Front, Belgrade / Grad – European centre for culture and debate, Genootschap Felix Meritis/Felix Meritis Foundation




The Strategy Group was set up and its work made possible with the ongoing financial support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.





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