European House for Culture

The European House for Culture (EHfC) is a cultural organisation initiated by the European Festivals Association (EFA). The mission of the European House is twofold: to be a House of Welcome – a meeting and working place for networks and initiatives which relate to the cultural sector. Secondly, the House aims to give the cultural sector in Europe a visible space in order to facilitate a stronger voice of the cultural sector in the European decision-making process.


For the period 2014-2017 the European House for Culture (EHfC) teamed up with The European Festival Association (EFA) to develop the enable strand of the EFA RISE project implemented with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


As a synergy partner in the EFA RISE project the EHfC  its partner A Soul for Europe (ASfE), collaborates with EFA to implement activities to enable a sustainable, innovative, and influential European cultural landscape through festivals in collaboration with festival stakeholders. To further develop the network of stakeholders RISE - with its synergy partner the EHfC - brings together policy makers and festival leaders to discuss trends and challenges and their relation to policy creation. This synergy takes particular focus during the 3 Years of the EFA RISE project regarding the activities for the dissemination of the content development for the topic European Resolution comprising meetings with MEPs and the ASfE Strategy Group members; meetings with National, Regional and Local policy makers, participation in ASfE Forums, Conversations and the Berlin Conference.


The priority of the European House for Culture within ASfE is working on the European Resolution for Culture.


A Soul for Europe
c/o European House for Culture
Sainctelettesquare 17
1000 Brussels

Tel.:  +32 (0)2 644 48 00

Fax.: +32 (0)9 241 80 89


Contact person: Hugo de Greef / Eva Nunes