Felix Meritis Foundation

Genootschap Felix Meritis / Felix Meritis Foundation (FMF) is an independent European knowledge centre for art, culture and citizenship and a national and international cooperation partner based in in Amsterdam. It is the Amsterdam basis of "A Soul for Europe”


FMF believes in (the need for) cultural diversity in Europe as an engine of progress and social cohesion. That is why FMF conducts a public European cultural dialogue with individuals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and further afield and take part in national and international cultural networks.


Through deeper understanding and dialogue with different groups in the Netherlands and abroad, FMF strengthens the insight into and understanding of the European process of cultural unification among citizens of Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


The motto of FMF is Connecting Cultures. FMF has initiated many international projects, such as Gulliver, Gulliver Connect, The People Network, Essay International, The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University and the Network of Centres for European Culture and Debate (NCECD). FMF has furthermore a broad network of European partners.


The priority of the Felix Meritis Foundation within "A Soul for Europe" is working on active citizenship.


A Soul for Europe
c/o The Felix Meritis Foundation
P.O. Box 53066
1007 RB Amsterdam




Contact person: Steve Austen