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 (1) Intro


Dear friends and colleagues,


In the middle of a busy autumn, we would especially like to inform you about a recent and an upcoming event by “A Soul for Europe”:


  • At Forum Wrocław – “A Soul for Europe”. Active Citizenship and Culture in the Development of Europe on 10 September 2011, “A Soul for Europe” had the opportunity to continue discussing some of today’s most vibrant topics: The relationship between culture and business, the complex issues related to European Capitals of Culture, and, thirdly, the power of images in creating a European identity and the role of the EU MEDIA programme in this context.
  • Forum Belgrade – “A Soul for Europe 2011” will take place on 26 November 2011. The third Forum in Belgrade is an example of how a single conference can develop continuous dialogue and establish long-term collaborations that bring positive changes to the local civil-society scene and develop its positioning and relationship with public authorities.

We look forward to working together with actors from various fields across Europe!



(2) Upcoming "A Soul for Europe" Events/Activities  


Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011 – 26 November 2011


The third Forum Belgrade aims to improve the position of civil society in Belgrade and Serbia within the framework of the European integration process and transformation of Serbian society. It will foster dialogue between all relevant parties including local, regional, and national policymakers as well as the business sector in line with the aims of “A Soul for Europe”. This dialogue will also mobilise young people and foster their interest in participatory public life.


Organised into 6 discussion panels, the Forum Belgrade 2011 topics will be:


1) European Capital of Culture – 2020 and Beyond 

2) Arm’s length principle / The role of citizens  

3) Culture and Business – New Horizons


“Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011” is a civil-society initiative, organised and supported by various European, regional, and national organisations.


Organising partners:

Initiative “A Soul for Europe”

Cultural Front, Belgrade / Grad – European centre for culture and debate

Genootschap Felix Meritis/Felix Meritis Foundation

Other organisations in Serbia and across Europe are associated partners that support and promote “Forum Belgrade – A Soul for Europe 2011” and will disseminate its results.


> The registration form is online at



(3) Recent Events

 Together with the National Audiovisual Institute, Warsaw, “A Soul for Europe” organised several debates within the framework of the European Culture Congress, which took place from 8 to 11 September 2011 in Wrocław. The project was implemented as part of the European Cultural Programme of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council from 1 July to 31 December 2011. 


We discussed   

  • the relationship between culture and business in the development of Europe 
  • the involvement of civil society in the EU flagship project “European Capital of Culture” and 
  • the EU MEDIA programme as an example of the impact of European cultural programmes 

in three panels with politicians, representatives from business and civil society, filmmakers, and managers of European Capitals of Culture. 


As the main event organised by “A Soul for Europe” in 2011, this Forum enjoyed a high level of participation and attention. Among others, EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, Doris Pack, Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education, and film director István Szabó participated at this event.


You can find photos and the report from Forum Wrocław online.


  • The last Advisory Board and Advisory Board Parliamentarian Working Group meeting was held in Brussels on 11 October 2011. The Board is composed of 21 European Parliamentarians from different parties and with different nationalities. The working session, which takes place twice a year, defines the next strategic steps for advancing topics that “A Soul for Europe” is working on in the legislative process:
  1. The role of citizens in shaping Europe: MEPS endorsed a call for the European Year of Citizens through Culture 2013 
  2. The relationship between culture and business – in the 2020 strategy and in the next generation of EU programmes 
  3.  The European Capital of Culture and the new scheme developed for after 2011
  4. Images of Europe and the role film plays in communicating Europe 
  5. The cultural dimension of Europe’s external relations 
  6. and others

The Advisory Board and the Working Group endorsed a joint call to include a strong focus on cultural activities in the European Year 2013. See the joint call online.



(4) Messenger Activities  




The Changing Face of Europe. Amber Transformations

16-17 November 2011, Riga (Latvia)


The second public forum of Rīga 2014 will search for new definitions for the transformation of Europe. It will additionally show specific examples from the experience of different European cities and European culture capitals on how to improve the quality of life as well as the recognisability of cities and the economy.

Strategy Group member Rariţa Zbranca will be participating at this meeting and will present “A Soul for Europe’s” position on the European Capital of Culture programme.




Atelier for Young Festival Managers

24-31 October 2011, Izmir (Turkey)


Nele Hertling, Strategy Group member, and Hugo De Greef, Board member of the “A Soul for Europe” initiative, guided a group of 38 participants in the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, a seven-days training programme in the field of artistic festival programming, initiated by the European Festivals Association. From 24 to 31 October 2011 in Izmir (Turkey), participants benefited from Nele Hertling and Hugo De Greef’s rich experience, particularly with regard to the European Capitals of Culture, which were thoroughly discussed throughout the week. Topics of the “A Soul for Europe” initiative were discussed amongst this group of young people coming from 25 countries all over the world.


European Culture Forum 2011

20-21 October 2011 Brussels (Belgium)


The European Commission’s key cultural event of 2011 brought 800 participants from culture civil society, the EU Member States, and EU institutions to Brussels to debate some of the most topical questions pertaining to culture in the current context of economic crisis and globalisation. Strategy Group members Nicolas Bertrand, Kathrin Deventer and Valeria Marcolin participated in this meeting.


EU Integration Forum under the patronage of the European Council’s president Herman Van Rompuy

19-20 September 2011, Essen (Germany)


The initiative brought young political leaders from across the European Union and from all levels of government together to debate the key issues facing Europe now and in the future. The EU Integration Forum provided a platform for lively and interactive dialogue and networking between today’s decision-makers and tomorrow’s leaders to discuss the need for a new ‘pact’ between the EU and its citizens.

Strategy Group member Farid Tabarki participated at this meeting.


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The Strategy Group was set up and its work made possible with the ongoing financial support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung





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