Amsterdam Conversation on Europe 2013

Is Europe in a crisis of values? Does the continuous erosion of trust in our democratic infrastructure require that we define new values or do we have to ask ourselves if we do not practice the values we preach worldwide? These fundamental questions are very often avoided in the debate on Europe but the discussion cannot be delayed any more.


A lot has been said and written about the European Union: its crisis which some argue is actually part of a global transition, its democratic deficit, the banking union, and a federal Europe vs. less Europe and more national states' power. However all we read, watch and hear is mainly focused on practical and technical - often short-term - issues instead of on visions about what kind future we want for Europe. Much is discussed in terms of functionality, little is discussed in terms of purpose, value and vision.


The Amsterdam Conversation on Europe is a yearly event dedicated to serious and deep discussions on contemporary burning issues affecting our society and Europe. The focus of this year's event was: how can we overcome the growing loss of trust in our democratic infrastructure and what Europe we want in the future? >>more