Cultural Coalition for a Citizens' Europe

A Cultural Coalition for a Citizens' Europe is a new civil society project that aims to strengthen participation of citizens from all sectors of society in building a better Europe. We involve citizens, including politicians, artists, intellectuals, and civil society leaders, in shaping the future Europe. We aim to trigger thinking, to raise visibility, and to propose actions about culture’s contribution to a citizens’ Europe. In a true multi-directional process of engagement we aim to empower citizens in the EU integration process. The initiative is supported by the EU programme “Citizens for Europe”.


The Cultural Coalition for a Citizens’ Europe is initiated by “A Soul for Europe’s” Strategy Group and its partner organisations: European House for Culture, Genootschap Felix Meritis/Felix Meritis Foundation, Setepés, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, AltArt Foundation, Foundation for Urban Projects and Research, Image Aiguë, and n-ost.


Under A Cultural Coalition for a Citizens’ Europe, “A Soul for Europe” organized 3 major events during fall 2012 to kick off the Cultural Coalition: the Berlin Conference 2012 by “A Soul for Europe”, the Brussels Conversations 2012 by the partners of the European House for Culture on 16-18 November, followed by the Felix Meritis Foundation’s Amsterdam Conversation 2012 on 30 November.


After hearing from citizens in these 3 high-level meetings across Europe, the Cultural Coalition will now assemble its plan of action to find practical solutions through culture to address the needs expressed by citizens, civil societies, and politicians. The underlying thought behind the project is that by giving citizens a stronger voice at the European level and improving the European narrative that unites us, policies can be enacted that lift Europe from the current crisis and move us towards a better future.


Citizens, civil society organizations, politicians, leaders from all sectors of society should join the Coalition! By joining, you will receive invitations to take part in events, helping us develop a narrative for Europe, and stay up to date with all of our developments.