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The Image of Europe, or How to Win Back our Continent

Published on 31st January 2012 by Gabriella Gönczy

Who is dreaming the European Dream? In a recent Eurobarometer survey, 39 percent of Europeans stated that their respective countries did not gain advantages from EU membership. In addition to the much-discussed currency crisis, we are also faced with a communication crisis.

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What can film do for the soul of Europe?

Oscar-prize winning film director Istvan Szabo explains, how films contribute to the intercultural dialogue.


Dreaming the European Dream

Europe needs an image! A call in arms by German filmmaker Wim WendersIn presenting itself as an economic power, Europe fails to take advantage of its emotional potential. This is the age of the image, but European stories no longer play a significant role in our cinemas.


"Future MEDIA Programme should promote ‘film literacy’" by Martin Blaney

Published on 27th January 2012 by A Soul for Europe

"Article in Screen Daily by Martin Blaney: "Future MEDIA Programme should promote 'film literacy'" as reference to the keynote held by Strategy Group member Gabriella Gönczy at Forum Wroclaw in the framework of the European Culture Congress, 10 September 2011.

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Doris Pack at Forum Pécs

Translation is the language of Europe

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