Civic Involvement in European Capitals of Culture

The European Capitals of Culture programme stands for the recognition of the responsibility of cities and regions for the development of Europe.

Democratize our capitals of culture!

Published on 27th September 2012 by Rarita Zbranca

The idea of a European "capital of culture" holds much promise. But to make the concept work, it needs to be focused on people and local cultural projects, not politics. After all, ultimately it is the city that is special, not its political management.

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Nele Hertling at Ravenna2019 conference (Italian)

Nele Hertling, member of the Strategy Group, speaks at the conference "Towards the open sea", organised in the scope of Ravenna's canditature for ECoC 2019. The goal of the conference was to point out the specific identity of the city as a seaport and the oversea collaboration between Ravenna and Sofia, also ECoC candidate for 2019.

You can find the rest of the contribution here.

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Kathrin Deventer at Ravenna2019 Conference (Italian)

Strategy Group member Kathrin Deventer presents "A Soul for Europe" and gives suggestions about how to make the ECoC Canditature process a sustainable one at the conference "European Capitals of Culture - Models for Italy and Europe", organised by ECoC candidate Ravenna in May 2012.

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CoR recommends higher involvement of civil society in ECoC

Currently the European Commission is working on a new framework for the European Capitals of Culture programme after 2019. The Committee of the Regions has prepared a draft opinion for the improvement of the programme. In this draft the importance of the involvement of civil society actors in the ECoC programme and activities is emphasised.

ECoC - The Decade After

22nd May 2012
Bruges, Belgium

In 2012 the city of Bruges in Belgium celebrates the tenth anniversary of the title European Capital of Culture 2002. Ten years after the awarding of the title, the sustainability of the investment has become a major issue.

Volker Hassemer at Forum Guimaraes

At this meeting in 2009, Volker Hassemer, co-founder of the initiative "A Soul for Europe", urges the city of Guimaraes to define its specific cultural role within Europe and its importance for Europe. During the one year in which a city is European Capital of Culture, it has the chance and the task to contribute to Europe and to separate itself distinctly from other European cities.

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