Forum X

New ways for co-operation between civil society and policy-makers


Forum X is a series of meetings, workshops and conferences held in various cities across the European continent. Forum X events are organised by local civil society actors in close co-operation with the "A Soul for Europe" Initiative. The main aim of the project is to develop new forms of collaboration between civil society and political decision-makers by concretely involving local actors (civil society, political spheres, business and others) into the "A Soul for Europe" process and engaging them in concrete co-operation.


Forum X aims to implementing the cultural component of social, economic and other non-cultural development policies across Europe. The responsibility for the cultural dimension of European policy is not confined to the cultural field. Culture must play a vital role in shaping the overall development of the European vision. The active participation of top-ranking politicians responsible for fields not directly related to culture is a guarantee for this. The inclusion of important European policy makers and international business representatives gives more weight to the work of the civil society operating at local and regional levels and strengthens its position regarding to regional and local authorities.


For example, Forum Belgrade resulted in its local initiators being invited by the authorities to provide consultancy on the drafting of the new Serbian law on financing culture. Furthermore, it facilitated the creation of the GRAD, an independent centre for culture and debate, opened in April 2009 in Belgrade.