Conversations on Europe

Conversations on Europe is a multimedia project that gathers innovative, creative, and imaginative visions of our future from all sectors of society. We are collecting personal stories from citizens to present and discuss in our European public space. The visions will be gathered online and in print. It will be a place where you can get inspired and share your own story!


We are looking from creative citizens, artists, cultural operators, journalists, curators, designers, architects and visitors, art-lovers and consumers, policymakers, intellectuals, and politicians to participate in the conversations.


What missing link can we offer the current discourse on Europe? While much is currently being written on the future of Europe, it often focused on a political or economic viewpoint or remains at the level of talking points, forgetting the citizens in its narrative as well as concrete proposals for implementation, mechanisms, and commitments. The experience and voices of the artists and audience, intellectuals, politicians as European citizens, and citizens in general need to be felt more strongly in the conversations.


How can you participate?

You have your choice! You can choose to submit written texts and concepts, as well as visuals, to our site. Moreover, we welcome video responses to our prompts. The three questions below are provided to guide your thoughts on the future of Europe:

  • When did you first realise and feel that you are a European?
  • Imagine you are invited to be part of a team tasked to draft a new constitution for Europe. What proposals would you make to ensure that your dream for the future of Europe could come true?
  • Why Europe?

Tell us what you think of our questions and if you can think of better questions, please feel free to send them or to write them in the comments below!


If you would like to submit a written or video response or need more information, please contact the Brussels office of “A Soul for Europe” at the European House for Culture.


The Access to Culture Platform’s working group on Audience Participation is partnering in this project to produce a publication of the most outstanding and visionary results. The publication will be launched in print and online in 2014.