Mission Statement

The aim of “A Soul for Europe” is to implement concrete steps and conduct projects to ensure that Europe makes greater and better use of its cultural assets.

Strategy Group

At the very heart of the Initiative "A Soul for Europe" there are over 40 outstanding individuals from 20 countries from both inside and outside the European Union. They are working in culture, politics, research and media, at universities or in the business sector.

Advisory Board

The high-ranking Advisory Board chaired by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, supports the Initiative.


"A Soul for Europe" works from four base points hosted by international organisations: Genootschap Felix Meritis/Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, the European House for Culture in Brussels and Setepés in Porto.


The “A Soul for Europe” Initiative thanks its partners who put their trust in a completely new type of cooperation, anchored in the heart of the European civil society.